things to know


rules and requirements

Team, Officer  Jr. High and JV & Specialty Division CATEGORIES
Jazz, Kick, Lyrical, Military, Novelty, Modern, Contemporary, Open, Hip Hop, Pom & Prop, Production


ONLY this contest  has 2 divisions for High School TEAMS

Showcase Division and Showdown Division

Showcase - emphasis on dance skills w/ focus on technique, visual effects and  overall performance

(this is for your more inexperienced team) 

Showdown - emphasis on high skill  development embracing the competitive spirit.

Routine Requirements 

1. Each entry must be a minimum of 90 seconds and a maximum of 3:30  minutes in length. (  6 1/2  for production)

2. Entrances and exits are not judged and a total of 5 minutes is allowed in the team category.

Ensembles-  categories compete in their age division with public-private and studio competing separately

Routine Requirements 

1. Each entry must be a minimum of 90 seconds and a maximum of 3 :30 minutes in length. 

Routine Set up/Tear down

Please notify us that you are in need of set up or tear down time when you register.  

Solos- Tops In Texas

 Public-private and studio compete separately
 Each grade level competes with their grade level at all competitions.
Routine should be between 1  1/2  and 3 minutes in length .
The winner of each age category in Tops in Texas will perform in the gym before awards ceremony. Each category in solos will be categorized separately by grades. (ex - there will be a 3rd grade winner, 4th grade winner etc.) 


1. Music may be played from an CD/MP3/IPod/IPad with a 1/8 in ear phone jack. You must have a representative at     

     the table to work the device. 

2. The device must be fully charged, and on airplane mode with screen saver off. 

3. Each song should be on an assigned playlist.​

4. If using a CD -Must have a good quality CD - the quality of music depends on the quality of the recording levels of the CD. They should be professionally done.

SOMETIMES the competition area does  not have  wifi capability. Please be sure you have a CD backup