category definitions

Contemporary - A style of dance that traditionally combines classical modern with classical ballet, but is now allowing jazz, lyrical and hip-hop to influence the choreography.

Hip Hop - A style that refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music or that evolved as part of hip-hop culture. It includes a wide range of styles primarily breaking, locking, and popping.

Jazz - A style of dance that partners music and body that reflects a compilation of universal cultures and styles in an effort to strengthen the body, mind and soul as an individual within a communal energy. It combines syncopated rhythms with technical movements that stem from classical ballet.

Kick - A dance performance where the majority of the dance includes varied kick sequences and are performed with an emphasis on precision, timing, control, technique and height uniformity.

Lyrical - A melding of ballet, jazz and modern with emphasis on using the lyrics and emotions of the music to influence the choreography and performance.

Military - A dance performance consisting of strong, sharp, linear movements focusing on precision, placement, and formation changes.

Modern - A very grounded style of dance whose roots began as a complete contrast to ballet. Movements stem from contractions, swing and release and fall and recovery. Themes and Variations are seen throughout the dance and tend to lead the choreography.

Novelty - A dance performance that is popular for being unusual or humorous. Usually has a theme that is carried out throughout the performance by using dance movements appropriate to the character of the dance.

Open - Any style of dance that does not fit into the traditional categories. Usually a combination of the above categories or has a more theatrical element.

Pom - A style that has a strong emphasis on intricate arm movements and visually pleasing to the eye due to the different groupings and shapes made by the arm movements. Poms should be utilized for the majority of the routine.

Production - A dance performance that is usually themed that utilizes a combination of dance elements and styles. Staging, props, and/or backdrops may be utilized. Performance must not exceed over 6 1/2 min.

Prop - A style that incorporates an object that leads the choreography and helps paint a picture for the audience. Props must be used the majority of the time.