mddtusa is where our roots are......


ūüď∑ 53rd¬† Annual¬†"Miss Dance Drill Team USA" ¬†¬† &¬†"Miss Dance Drill Team International" Pageants Miss Dance Drill Team USA¬†is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of students through the Pep Arts. It was spearheaded until recently by its energetic and dynamic founder Dr. Kay Crawford, who organized the 1st Modern Drill Team in America (Texas, 1930). The Miss Dance Drill Team USA Pageant originated as a college course at Santa Monica College in California in ¬†1968 as a showcase for the performing arts of Drill Team. And it's still going strong! Dr. Kay Teer Crawford spent her lifetime writing books, magazine articles, worked with famous entertainment producers throughout the world, listed in many "Who's Who" and Hall of Fames, and won many awards for her high level of achievement in the world of Drill Team. She is frequently referred to as "The Dean of American Drill Teams." She was truly an innovator and a trend setter. Her last goal was to see Dance Drill Teams in the Summer Olympic Games as DanceSport Precision Teams. Miss Dance Drill Team USA¬†is Internationally renowned and participating Dance/Drill Teams have been invited to entertain and perform spectacular productions such as: Opening Ceremonies Los Angeles Olympics¬† 1994 World Cup Closing Ceremonies¬† Super Bowl Half-Time Shows¬† Closing Ceremonies for Liberty Week in NY Celebration Ceremonies for Pope John Paul II¬† Down Under Games Entertainment in Australia Goodwill Games Euro Disney Opening Ceremonies in Paris LA Clipper Half-Time Shows¬† Celebration of Independence in Singapore¬† TV Commercials Movies Miss Dance Drill Team USA¬†culminates with awards for of America's Best at the Miss Dance Drill Team USA Pageant. The winners represent America in Miss Dance Drill Team International. We believe in the concept of helping the Youth of America and the World experience better and more fulfilling life through the enjoyment of Pep Arts.